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Department General Surgery
Languages English, Malayalam
Location ATLAS Hospital, Al Ghoubra, Oman
Articles Hernia

Welcome! I am Dr. Sreekrishnakumar. I work as a general surgeon at ATLAS with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

My main interest lies in handling emergency cases, and I have attended numerous emergency medicine courses at different institutions. This specialty has provided me vast professional satisfaction. I've also had many occasions to experience realization of the fact that we are all just instruments in the hands of God. I remember when a small girl was brought to the casualty ward that had a sudden onset of breathing difficulties. The child was otherwise healthy before this emergency. Because of anxiety the parents were unable to clearly answer our routine questions. As I was examining the child the color of her skin started turning blue. There was no time to arrange for any lab work such as x-rays, etc. I opened her mouth but could not see anything abnormal inside. We started the normal method of resuscitation, but air was simply not entering her chest. For confirmation of the patency of her airway, I put my index finger into her throat. I could feel something slightly touching my finger. The foreign object was tightly nudged in but with a little effort I carefully swept it out. It turned out it was the lid of a small 'kajol' box, the black cream used on eyebrows. With the continuous resuscitation procedure the little girl recovered completely. It is moments like this which make me proud of my profession.

I joined ATLAS in the beginning stages about two months prior to the inauguration of our Operation Theatre. In those early days and being a new hospital, patients were initially sceptical of surgeries and required a lot of assurance before any surgical procedure was performed. With hard work and the blessings of God, we earned an excellent reputation from the budding stages itself and won the confidence of the people of Oman. Today, we cater to an increasingly large number of patients who are certain that they will avail the best treatment from us at a most reasonable cost.

Having worked at ATLAS so long, I can proudly say that working here has been and still is a great experience. My other colleague in the general surgery department, Dr. Ramji, is a well experienced surgeon with a gentle and pleasing approach towards patients and other personnel. I do consider myself lucky to work alongside such a pleasant person and with the other outstanding doctors and paramedics who I respect and trust at ATLAS. And certainly, the administration and management staff here are very supportive in all aspects which allow me to focus on what I enjoy and excel in to deliver my maximum performance and give you the best care possible.
A little more about me
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) – Calicut Medical College

Master of Surgery (MS) in General Surgery – Trichur Medical College